How to work with an architect?  

If you have a project that you would like us to help you with, please call us to set up an initial meeting.  At that meeting, we will work to get a better understanding of your needs and explain how our team will work with you.  We will then set up a second meeting to review a work plan and proposal.  Once we have answered all of your questions and we come to an agreement we will begin our work.  Please see our process page for additional information.

Walter Jacob Architects  is an award winning architectural firm known for innovative and creative design.  Our projects range from smaller more intricate projects where small changes mean a lot to larger more complex projects.  Our staff of professionals in Marblehead Massachusetts strives to bring advocacy, creativity, sustainability and attainability to all of our projects.  Our guiding principal is to enrich life through design and our reputation and clients will attest to this. 

Our responsibility as architects 

Our responsibility as architects is to enrich the environment that we live in through design. Our architects are LEED-accredited and have a passion for ensuring that the work we do achieves high standards of sustainability. Issues that we address range from careful consideration of the materials that we put in your home to strategies that utilize less energy and help make your home more manageable.  Our ultimate strategy, however, is to design and build in a timeless manner that will last for generations without the need to constantly maintain and re-design.