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Our office has extensive experience with various permitting aspects of architectural projects. In addition to being well versed in the residential and commercial building codes, we also have extensive experience with other regulatory boards that can have bearing on a project. We have successfully presented to countless boards across the country to address a myriad of regulatory permitting concerns. These include historic boards, zoning boards, planning boards and conservation boards. Our office has real experience working in flood and wave zones and can help you navigate the codes related to construction in these areas. Our knowledge of handicapped codes not only helps us meet requirements on our commercial projects but also helps build our residential projects in a way that allow our clients to live in their homes for a lifetime. To develop a successful project, we strongly believe that you must first understand your goals and constraints. By starting with a firm understanding and extensive experience with regulatory constraints and building codes, we are able to design our client's vision unfettered by the complications of the permitting process.

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